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Statement at UDC DDOT Meeting in Opposition to Two Protected Bike Lanes on Connecticut Avenue in Ward 3

I studied Concept C and spoke with neighbors up and down Connecticut Avenue. My research brought me to the following conclusions, which I presented to DDOT and the Connecticut Ave Community on the evening of June 29, 2022.

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David for Ward 3 Statement

Thank for the opportunity to speak with you this evening. My name is David Krucoff and I live nearby at 2870 Upton St. NW. I rise to voice my opposition to the Connecticut Avenue Protected Bike Lane Improvement Plan (“Concept C”) because the plan, if implemented, will be damaging to most everyone who does not regularly ride a bicycle. Approximately 1.5% of trips in DC are on a bike. The plan is truly for the benefit of the few and to the detriment of the many. The people who are opposed to this plan include:

  • Metrobus riders because they will have to navigate across the bike lane before they get on the bus. We have already seen that this type of bike lane not work for metrobus riders on K St. NW near North Capitol St.

  • People who use Uber, Lyft, and Taxis, for the same reason.

  • Individuals with disabilities. They don’t ride bicycles.

  • Senior Citizens with vehicles or who use vehicles.

  • Users of Ambulances and Emergency Vehicles. Protected bike lanes do not work well when quick vehicle adjustments must be made. There’s nowhere to go. Motorists on Virginia Ave near the Federal Reserve have been in communication with me about this predicament.

  • Snow Emergency Evacuees. Connecticut Avenue will be a less effective emergency evacuation route.

  • Motorists. They will get stuck in traffic because the Avenue will have fewer lanes.

  • Shoppers with cars, who often like to shop when it is dark outside, when it’s raining, and in the winter; all times when one rarely rides a bike.

  • Commuters. Downtown is suffering, these lanes will accelerate downtown’s lack of commerce and revenue production for our City.

  • Delivery Drivers and those that receive the deliveries on Connecticut Ave. The cost of last mile delivery will increase in the District. That will hurt those who are least well off.

  • Brick and Mortar Businesses, which will see a further erosion of their sales.


I am not against bike lanes. The bike lanes in NW on R St., 15th St., and Pennsylvania Ave are terrific. Unfortunately, the Connecticut Bike lanes as planned are a mistake that will push more residents of DC to the suburbs. We must be smarter than this. These bikes lanes will provide a de minimis marginal benefit in safety at the expense of an enormous marginal cost of livability as well as their cost in absolute dollars. Here is a written copy of my statement for your records. Thank you again for allowing me to speak with you and the community this evening.


David Krucoff

2870 Upton St. NW


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