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David Krucoff is a third-generation native Washingtonian who was born and raised in Ward 3.  David was a lifer at Georgetown Day School, where he learned how to engage in empathetic, but pointed, open discussions with his classmates and teachers. At GDS David was also the captain of both the soccer and tennis teams. David then attended the University of Pennsylvania where he graduated with a degree in political science, with a minor in economics. David returned to the District and went to own a wholesale bakery in Ward 8.

After starting his family in Ward 3, David was faced with a decision that parents with a special needs child must face. Does the young family stay where his passion and dedication are rooted or go to where it is in the best interest of his son? The absence of a supportive and strong special education program at DCPS forced the family out of Ward 3 and to Montgomery County, Maryland where Jacob successfully mainstreamed with an individual education program (IEP), graduated from Quince Orchard High School, and went on to graduate from West Virginia University.


For most of the last two decades David has worked as a Commercial Real Estate agent. Among his transactions of note is the Occasions Caterers’ acquisition of the three Ottenberg Bakery parcels and manufacturing facility near Brookland Metro station on Taylor St. NE.


In early 2016 David chose to return to the District to focus on improving life for his fellow Washingtonians with a focus on putting action behind his passion to see the District thrive. Still active in commercial real estate agent, he has been focused on helping small businesses function effectively in their space, building, and to become a success in the community. Recently, David represented Shemali’ Market which opened on Connecticut Ave at Albemarle St.


David has always been politically active. He is a member of the American Enterprise Institute Leadership Network and an involved reformer focused on ways that our political systems can work better so that positive policies can be enacted and effectively implemented.

David is dedicated to seeing private sector growth in all 8 wards, but particularly along the avenues and boulevards of Ward 3. He is running for DC Council to provide us in Ward 3 with responsive representation that emphasizes our needs and prioritizes our timely growth rather than the growth of DC’s Government.

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