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Public Safety/Support Police and the Rule of Law: Crime is on the rise. We invest in police and empower them to do their jobs, with empathy, but with the knowledge that we have their back. We need more police officers on the beat. A cost benefit analysis must occur prior to anyone breaking the law, even for a minor offense. Homeless encampments must be appropriately removed. Clean shelters with wrap around services must exist and be utilized for DC homeless residents that qualify. 


A Working Washington, DC: Downtown is suffering. We are leaving money on the table. Let’s lead by example and come back to work. The Federal Government, the District, Universities, large NGOs, and the private sector must re-open their offices downtown. Lastly, transportation must flow. We must not convert two lanes of Connecticut Avenue to bike lanes.

Lower Taxes and More Council Oversight: Our council is 13 fiefdoms of complacency. I will analyze and benchmark productivity ratios and work to cut agencies that are ineffective or redundant. Shrinking not growing DC Government should be the objective of our DC Council. Last year the Council raised taxes even though we had a large surplus. I will fight to lower taxes. Incentives and disincentives start in the Council. DC is part of a three-state region. Presently, we are not competing. Residents are moving out. In 2021 we lost 2.9 percent of our residents; the highest such percentage on a state basis, in the Nation. That's unacceptable.

Better Schools: Our schools must be in person and safe. Social promotion is not acceptable. Our students should be prepared for college and exposed to rewarding career paths. All students must receive an appropriate education and gifted students should be challenged at the same time. Charter schools can help. Mayoral control must be preserved.

Making sure the National Park Service does its job: I will not defer to the mayor and our non-voting delegate when it comes to Federal Land in Ward 3. I will hold the Department of Interior accountable. We must not allow jurisdictional excuses to prevent action. Either the Park Service will care for their property and enforce the law, or we will and send them the bill.

Enhanced Regional Reciprocity: Regarding transit, environmental issues, roads, parking and speeding tickets, licensure, and taxes. DC, MD, and VA must work together. I will lead the effort for all of us to find ways that we can grow our economy throughout the entire region.

A New Better, Faster DCRA: DCRA must not be about bean counting and micromanagement. DCRA must enhance our local economy and our autonomy at home while it keeps us legal, safe, and nondiscriminatory.

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